Strengthen your lungs with these breathing exercises

Refresh your lungs not just with deep breathing but with lung exercises as well. If you do lungs yoga or breathing exercises regularly, you’ll be able to strengthen your lungs and reduce breathing issues as well. When your lungs are healthy, breathing is a breeze. But considering various factors like – increased pollution levels, illness and disease, and lack of physical activity and make your lungs unhealthy and lead to difficulty in breathing. 

It is time to take care of your lungs with these breathing exercises. 

       1.Diaphragmic Breathing

It is also known as belly breathing. Place your hands on your belly to notice the rise and fall. Breathe out through your mouth at least two or three times as long as you inhale. You can bring variations in this exercise and deep breathe through your belly while sitting, standing, or lying on your stomach. 

        2. Yawn to smile 

This is a great exercise to incorporate motion with deep breathing. It increases coordination, lung power, and builds strength in your arms and shoulders. 

Sit upright on a chair. Raise your arms over your head and create a big stretched yawn. Slowly bring both your arms down and finish smiling for three seconds. Repeat for one minute. 

      3. Humming

Humming while you exhale helps in production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide helps in dilating blood vessels and helps more oxygen to be delivered throughout the body. It is also a calming exercise to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Sit upright on your bed or a chair and place your hands on the side. With your lips closed and tongue touching the roof of the mouth, breathe in with your nose and pull air down into your stomach. Try to spread your fingers apart as you breathe. Once you feel your lungs are full, keep your lips closed and exhale while humming. Again inhale through your nose and exhale while humming. Repeat for one minute. 

     4.Pursed lip breathing 

This is a simple breathing exercise but super effective. It makes you slow down the pace of your breathing by applying deliberate effort in each breath. 

Relax your neck and shoulders and sit upright in a chair. Keep your mouth closed and slowly inhale through your nose for 2 counts. Pucker or purse your lips as if you are whistling. Exhale slowly by breathing air through your pursed lips for a count of 4. Repeat for one minute. 

     5.Lion’s breath

Lion’s breath is an energizing breathing practice that is known to reduce tension in your face and chest. It is popularly known as Lion’s pose or simhasana in Sanskrit. 

Sit in a comfortable position and press your palms against your knees with your fingers spread wide. Inhale deeply through your nose and open your eyes wide. At the same time, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue and try to bring the tip of your tongue down to the chin. Contract the muscles at the front of your throat and you exhale and make ‘ha’ sound. Do this breathing exercise 2-3 times in a row for best results. 

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     7.GNC Herbal Plus Milk Thistle 

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